Launch date: May 18, 2015
Are you interested in the project IMAsignals (website, owner James Taylor)? Here are the details which indicate that this project is a scam.
IMAsignals - registration page
IMAsignals - trading account

Why is IMAsignals scam?

Fake references
Website contains several positive references to this investment platform. These references are recommending this project IMA Signals. Unfortunately, these references are false (comes from non-existent people or the reviews are purchased).
Fake purchased reviews (IMA Signals)
Cooperation with dubious broker PWR TRADE
The project IMAsignals collaborates with the broker PWR TRADE. This broker does not have a good reputation (unfavorable terms and conditions, bad clients references). Broker also received a number of financial penalties from supervising authorities.
IMAsignals cooperates with dubious broker PWRTRADE
Trading account contains false data
Trading account IMAsignals contains false data. If you do not believe, compare the data with any of certified brokers.
Comparison: EUR/USD (IMAsignals / IQ Option)

Our evaluation of IMA Signals

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The project IMAsignals is a scam.
Not to invest!

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